FCC approves Energous’ wireless power-at-a-distance charging solution


FCC approves Energous’ wireless power-at-a-distance charging solution

For the first time ever, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified a power-at-a-distance transmitter under Part 18 rules, the Mid Field WattUp transmitter reference design created by Energous. We’re thrilled about this news here at Dialog, as it marks a historic milestone for the wireless charging industry and what the public at large can think about – and expect from – wireless charging for their wireless devices.

This certification puts Energous squarely front and center in the movement toward true wireless charging. The Mid Field WattUp transmitter reference design consists of an RF-based, wire-free charging system, with a charging range of up to 1 meter.

Energous has been a strategic Dialog partner since November 2016, when we jointly announced a $10 million investment and exclusive component supplier agreement for Energous’ WattUp integrated circuits (ICs). Our partnership together has only grown ever since, spanning the launch of:

  • The DA4100, the world’s first WattUp wireless power transmitter SoC

  • The qualification of the DA2200 and DA2210, which, alongside the DA14585 Bluetooth™ low energy (BLE) chip, are easily compatible with WattUp wireless charging

  • An additional $15 million investment in June 2017, as an indication of our continuing confidence in and support for Energous WattUp ICs.

With FCC approval in hand, Energous can now move forward with accelerating its timeline for a WattUp-backed charging ecosystem, pushing the limits on what the WattUp design can achieve in terms of both power transmitted and distance covered. Potential applications for the WattUp mid field transmitter design run the gamut of computer monitors, desktop speakers, small soundbars and smart speakers.

That’s just scratching the surface of possible use cases. In fact, with this new FCC certification, Energous’ WattUp designs are poised to ultimately redefine how consumers charge IoT and mobile devices, from smartphones to wearables, and create a mass-market adoption movement for widespread, untethered, truly wireless charging.

To put it simply, the FCC’s approval is a massive gamechanger for the industry, and Dialog is proud to be Energous’ partner and exclusive worldwide supplier of WattUp technology. We are supplying a wide range of WattUp ICs that can be combined with Dialog’s Bluetooth Low Energy, AC/DC and Power Management ICs. This best-of-both-worlds approach provides manufacturers and customers alike with an optimized, end-to-end solution for transmitter-to-receiver wireless charging.

As a market-leading semiconductor company that ships millions of chips on a monthly basis, early adopters of the Energous WattUp design can rest assured that they’re being backed by a steady chip supply and support team here at Dialog.

Eager for a firsthand look at the next step in true wireless charging? Come visit us at CES! Dialog will be providing demonstrations of the now-FCC-approved Energous WattUp wireless charging solutions, from our private demo suite in the Venetian, from January 8-12.