Dialog’s Summer 2019 Lineup: Samsung Galaxy Fit, the First-Ever Automotive IC and a New PMIC Family


Dialog’s Summer 2019 Lineup: Samsung Galaxy Fit, the First-Ever Automotive IC and a New PMIC Family

Its been a busy summer at Dialog, with one major product announcement after another coming out over the last couple months, showing how our Bluetooth low energy SoCs are being deployed by new customers, in new applications, and continuing to push the boundaries of power management and connectivity.


We wanted to take the opportunity to provide this quick roundup of our biggest product news this summer, and break down the most important details of each one. If you haven’t kept up with all the press releases and news, this all-in-one primer is all you need to get caught up.


Samsung taps the DA14697 for the Galaxy Fit

In July we announced that Samsung had implemented Dialog’s DA14697 into its latest Galaxy Fit, making it one of the first wearables on the market to utilize Dialog’s wireless microcontroller unit (MCU) for BLE connectivity and more robust battery life.


With the Galaxy Fit’s wide range of features – from fitness tracking to sleep analysis to stress management – Samsung needed a power management solution that would ensure the wearable could keep up with user expectations as wearables continue to advance. At the same time, that solution also needed to deliver seamless connectivity that could ensure the wearable would quickly and easily sync with users’ smartphones for notifications and messages. As a member of the DA1469x SmartBond™ line – our most advanced, feature-rich range of multi-core MCUs for wireless connectivity, perfectly suited for wearables – the DA14697 checked off all the boxes for Samsung.


SLG46620-A becomes first-to-market CMIC for automotive

Then in August, we announced the SLG46620-A, the first-ever configurable mixed-signal IC to hit the automotive market. With the industry rolling out new vehicles making use of advanced safety, comfort and self-driving capabilities, automakers have a greater-than-ever need for integrated circuits that can support all of these functions – and do so in a way that doesn’t drive up costs, like current ICs and discrete implementations do. The SLG46620-A addresses those challenges by providing a CMIC solution that replaces dozens of components in automotive applications for greater design flexibility, optimized power footprints and reduced BOM costs.


New Sub-PMIC family rolled out for latest mobile processors

To cap things off, we announced a brand-new product family in September, spanning the DA9217, DA9220, DA9121 and DA9122. This new line marks Dialog’s first sub-PMIC family with 4MHz switching frequency, best-in-class transient response and circuit digital programmability, and a smaller form factor compared to any other solution currently on the market. The new sub-PMIC family boasts 50% fewer external components, enabling them to reduce total solution size by up to 40% and making them ideal for applications like smartphones, tablets, DSLR cameras and solid-state hard drives, to name just a few.


Stay tuned to our blog for more news and upcoming product announcements. In the meantime, make sure to register for this fall’s SmartBond Technology Tour, for an opportunity to get some close-up, hands-on time of your own with our DA1469x SmartBond BLE devices.