Dialog Semiconductor Ranks Among Giants in the Clean 200


Dialog Semiconductor Ranks Among Giants in the Clean 200

Although environmental advocates have been calling for decades for a drastic reduction in fossil fuel usage, a true transition to an energy system based on carbon-neutral sources and technologies is yet to take pace. While many major global companies will continue to take decades to wind down their dependency on fossil fuels, some forward-thinking corporates refuse to sit idly by.

In recognition of these trailblazers, clean energy research house Corporate Knights and nonprofit environmental advocacy group As You Sow unveiled the Clean 200, a ranking of the world’s cleanest large companies, in late August. Dialog Semiconductor was proud to be mentioned alongside other elite clean companies in the ranking: one of only two U.K.-based businesses to make the cut. 

A clean company is defined in the report as one that is helping take part in the “monumental transition” from fossil-fuel dependency to energy sources and technologies that offer carbon-neutral, renewable power as an option of choice, not simply an alternative. To qualify for the ranking, companies need to have generated at least $1 billion in capital revenue to date, with at least 10 percent of all revenue attributed to clean energy sources.

We came in at 159 on the list, which is impressive considering that we aren’t a consumer brand in the traditional sense. Instead, our chips work hard behind the scenes, often providing the very power savings that make consumer products energy efficient, and so playing a quiet but important role in moving the world closer to a sustainable energy infrastructure.

Sustainability is ingrained in every facet of our corporate identity. Our quality assurance department has made sustainability its top priority since 2001, while our manufacturing team has worked consistently towards these goals from the very beginning. Our aim has always been to deliver clean products that offer low power consumption across our portfolios, ranging from power management ICs to Bluetooth and connectivity chips.

Findings from our annual Sustainability Report back all of this up: In terms of power management, our PMICs enable reduced energy use of up to 30 percent in the portable devices we underpin. When it comes to connectivity, our chips deliver up to 30 days of battery power for wearable products. Even for Bluetooth Connectivity, we’re able to help cut both power consumption and product size by 50 percent.

Our drive to commit to clean initiatives is echoed by multiple stakeholders, beginning with our customers all the way down to our employees. As a result, we are constantly working to deliver new products that exceed past standards for energy efficiency – take, for instance, the introduction of our first GaN PMIC solution – and that can drive technological innovation and proliferation while actually improving the efficiency of the devices our products underpin. We also work hard to ensure that all of our supply chain partners are complying with sustainability best practices to guarantee that our products are created in the most environmentally sound way.

We’re thrilled by this recognition.  We should each be proud of it and take it as further inspiration to push the boundaries both of sustainability and innovation that our brand is all about.