Dialog Semiconductor and Plantronics Celebrate More Than a Decade of Innovation Together


Dialog Semiconductor and Plantronics Celebrate More Than a Decade of Innovation Together

At Dialog, we value building strong, collaborative relationships with industry leaders across the tech spectrum. Just last year, for instance, we announced our expanded partnership with the team at Energous, who are helping drive us toward a wire-free future with their over-the-air wireless charging technology. But, while this new relationship with Energous is only just budding, we have other partnerships with market innovators that date back more than a decade.

Our work with Plantronics is just one great example of how long-term collaboration can change the world. Known as the premier manufacturer of audio and wearable technology for commercial, industrial and consumer uses, Plantronics products can be found in practically every office or call center.

Founded more than half a century ago, the company’s first major milestone came when Neil Armstrong delivered mankind’s first words from the moon over a Plantronics headset. A few decades later, at a time of market consolidation across the tech landscape, Dialog and Plantronics began their collaboration, leveraging our extensive technical knowledge and adaptability to work on modern chip designs.

These designs supported existing technologies and expanded Plantronics’ capabilities into the emerging wireless audio market. Today, Dialog’s audio technology underpins the majority of Plantronics’ DECT product lines, which are considered a first choice in the enterprise, government and consumer spaces.

Dialog’s SC14450, an audio processor used in many Plantronics speakerphone and telephone products, is one example of the fruits of this partnership. The processor, which provides computing power to support superior audio quality while reducing BOM costs, is a marker of how Dialog and Plantronics worked together to develop the underlying wireless audio technology that would not only meet Plantronics’ global market needs, but would set the industry standard for best-in-class audio quality and ease-of-use.

Our partnership with Plantronics is a textbook case of the power of long-term collaborations with leading manufacturers. To explore how we’ve assisted Plantronics on its path to market dominance, we’ve created a separate page that dives deep into the highlights of our collaboration and the development of proprietary chipsets to meet Plantronics’ customers’ needs.

You can read more here about how Plantronics has not only literally gone to the moon and back, but how we’ll continue to strengthen its position as a global audio powerhouse into the future.