LED Drivers

Delivering unrivaled performance at a lower BOM cost

Dialog's DC/DC LED backlight drivers are designed to provide better screen performance in 2D and 3D LCD TVs, large monitors and notebook computers, with comprehensive dimming control options that reduce motion blur and improve contrast ratio.

Lighting the way

Our DC/DC LED backlight drivers also use Dialog’s proprietary digital control techniques, including BroadLED™ technology to enable the use of loosely binned, low-cost LED arrays, as well as a digital control engine that generates the PWM wave form and manages all fault conditions, eliminating the need for expensive microcontrollers.

Dialog's patented BroadLED™, Adaptive Switch Mode technology, reduces wasted power by 60%, while maintaining better than 2% channel-to-channel matching, enabling higher integration of drivers and the possibility to implement local dimming for large LCD displays in HDTVs. 

Family Features

  • BroadLED™ Technology
    • High Current Matching - Better than 2% Channel-to-Channel
    • Allows for Using Loosely-binned LEDs for Lower BOM Cost
  • Adaptive Switch Mode
    • Automatically Adjusts Current Through Each LED String via PWM Modulation
    • Regulates Current Whiile Minimizing Power Loss
    • Best-in-Class Current Matching with Highest Possible Efficiency
  • LED Fault Protection
    • Open Circuit, Short Circuit and Over-Temperature

Family Features

  • Dynamic Voltage Control of External DC/DC Boosts/Bucks
    • Optimize Efficiency by Modulating the Voltage Applied to the LEDs
    • Multiple Control Signals to Cover All DC/DC Converters in the System
  • Comprehensive Dimming Options
    • Digitally Controlled PWM Dimming with Three Modes - NTSC, PAL and 3D Game
    • PWM Head and Tail Mode Dimming to Reduce Motion Blur
    • 12-Bit Local Dimming to Improve Contrast Ratio


  • Direct and Segment-Edge LED Backlit LCD TVs
  • LCD Public Information Displays
Backlighting Product Portfolio
Product Key Feature Applications
iW7016 Not recommended for new designs. See iW7027 or iW7038. Direct and Segment-Edge LED Backlit LCD TVs
iW7019 Not recommended for new designs. See iW7027 or iW7038. Direct and Segment-Edge LED Backlit LCD TVs
iW7027 16-Channel, External Current Sinks LED Driver, Patented 2-pin LED Open/Short Protection and AnyMode™ Dimming 2D and 3D Edge-Lit and Direct-Lit LED TVs
iW7038 16-Channel, Internal Current Sink LED Driver with BroadLED™ technology for thermal performance and AnyMode™ Dimming
LCD Backlighting for HDR Displays and Automobile Displays
AS3810 Not recommended for new designs. See AS3812. The AS3810 is suitable for LED backlighting for LCD such as TV sets and monitors.
AS3812 16-Channel, Highly Accurate, Internal Current Sink LED Driver for UltraHD 4K and HDR Displays LCD Backlighting for 4K/HDR Displays
AS3820 Not recommended for new designs. See AS3824. LED backlighting for LCD - TV sets and monitors
AS3824 16-channel local dimming LED backlight controller HD TVs, UHD TVs, Monitor, HDR Monitors and Displays