Automotive GreenPAKs Configurable Mixed-signal ICs

Automotive GreenPAKs Configurable Mixed-signal ICs

A Better Way to Implement Automotive Circuits

GreenPAK™ is a cost-effective NVM programmable device that allows automotive designers to integrate many system functions into a single AEC-Q100 qualified IC.  With GreenPAK, designers can quickly reduce system cost, component count and power consumption as well as supply chain and reliability issues.

Using Dialog’s GreenPAK Designer Software and GreenPAK Development Kit, designers can create and program a custom circuit in minutes





Automotive GreenPAK Product Portfolio
Part Number Description GPIOs Digital Analog Timing Communication Interface Grade Availability
SLG46620-A Analog Rich GreenPAK 18 26LUT, 12DFF/Latch, 3DCMP, 3PWM 6ACMPs, 1ADCs, 2DACs 3PWM, 2 Pipe Delays, 10 CNT/DLY SPI 2 Available
SLG46827-A GreenPAK with MTP In-System-Debug Feature 17 17DFF/Latch, 19LUT 4ACMP, 1 Temp Sense 8CNT, 1 Pipe Delay I2C 2 Sampling Now
SLG46855-A Small Footprint, Low Power GreenPAK 12 23LUT, 21DFF/Latch 4 ACMP 8 CNT/DLY, 1 Pipe Delay I2C 2 Sampling Now
SLG46538-A GreenPAK with Asynchronous State Machine 18 8-state ASM, 17 LUTs, 7 CNT/DLY, 8 DFF/Latch 4 ACMP 1 Pipe Delay I2C 2 Coming Soon

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