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Crystal clear audio

We offer a range of low power, hi-fi audio CODECs and class Ds with different features and packages suitable for a variety of low power, digital portable audio products. Our CODECs are designed to offer different levels of dynamic range and improve the power consumption for the record and playback paths by optimizing the always ON mode and utilizing efficient charge pump technologies.

  • Low power, Hi-Fi audio CODECs with different features and in packages suitable for a variety of digital and low power audio products.
  • Our short range wireless ICs deliver enhanced efficiency to devices ranging from DECT phones and wireless headsets to game controllers providing improved battery life.
  • Our platform solutions range from low to high-end Lync compliant USB headsets and headphones allowing development, software, and hardware resources to be shared across the product range.

At the forefront of innovation

With a long legacy of delivering different power management designs for industry-leading mobile phone manufacturers and portable consumer OEMs, we optimize all aspects of design including electrical, thermal and packaging considerations. These designs offer unprecedented integration with multiple power management and analog functions on the chip, including:

Programmable high-performance LDOs
High-efficiency DC-DC voltage converters
Intelligent battery charging circuits
Software programmable LED drivers
Sensor ADCs
USB interfaces
Integrated high performance, low power audio

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