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Dialog and Energous

Dialog has partnered with Energous, the developer of WattUp®, an award winning, wireless charging technology that will transform the way devices are charged in smart homes and buildings.

WattUp is a revolutionary radio frequency (RF) based charging solution that delivers intelligent, scalable power via radio bands, similar to a Wi-Fi router. WattUp differs from older wireless charging systems in that it delivers power at a distance to multiple devices, thus resulting in sensors and other smart home appliances being charged at a distance and not requiring a battery or having to be plugged into the mains.


Wireless Charging Product Portfolio
Product Description Applications
DA4100 Fully integrated WattUp power transmitter IC which operates directly from 3.3V. Requires only an external crystal, power amplifier and transmit antenna to complete a Near Field WattUp power transmitter design. Fitness Bands | Hearables | Hearing Aids | Bluetooth Headsets | Bluetooth Trackers | Smart Pens | Remote Controls
DA2210 / DA2223 Wireless power RF-to-DC receivers which can be connected to 1 to 4 antennas. Antennas can be small enough to fit into in-the-ear hearing aids. Fitness Bands | Hearables | Hearing Aids | Bluetooth Headsets | Bluetooth Trackers | Smart Pens | Remote Controls
DA3210 Single channel high efficiency CMOS RF power amplifier. With gain adjustable through an SPI compatible serial interface, input and output power detectors that enable closed loop power control and an integrated temperature sensor, DA3210 is optimized for the WattUp wireless power transmitters and completes the Near Field WattUp power transmitter system. Fitness Bands | Hearables | Hearing Aids | Bluetooth Headsets | Bluetooth Trackers | Smart Pens | Remote Controls | Smart Glasses


wireless charging diagram




WattUp Near Field transmitter design

Representing the smallest and lowest-cost WattUp transmitter option, the Near Field WattUp transmitter design is intended to be an in-box solution for many audio applications such as headsets, audio buds and hearing aids - ultimately replacing the USB cable and power adapter typically included in the box. This solution provides the convenience and waterproofing benefits of wireless charging with little effect on the overall BOM cost. The actual Near Field WattUp transmitter technology can also be embedded into laptops, tablets, furniture, and a wide variety of other devices.

WattUp Mid Field transmitter design

The Mid Field transmitter reference design represents a desktop or close-distance charging design of up to around 3 feet (~900 mm) - enabling for example, all the small audio devices on a desk or table - all charging individually without having to be plugged in. The Mid Field WattUp transmitter technology can be designed into the bezel of a monitor, as part of a small sound bar, desktop speaker, or other similar devices as well as a standalone design. Software control allows for multiple devices to charge simultaneously at different levels with complete authorization and prioritization capability.

WattUp Far Field transmitter design

The Far Field WattUp transmitter represents the furthest distance charging. A far field transmitter may be embedded into the bezel of a TV, sound bar or may be mounted on the wall or ceiling. This design enables greatly increased coverage and allows meshed network coverage where multiple transmitters are linked together to cover larger areas. As with the Mid Field design, the Far Field transmitter is fully software controlled.