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Universal SMARC Carrier Board

This reference design is a universal carrier board that supports SMARC 2.x. It has multiple power supplies and supports multiple connectors, including video and audio, for variety of applications.

System Benefits

  • Dual camera support
  • Multiple display protocol support, including DSI, HDMI and LVDS
  • USB port expand
  • Multiple external memory support, including µSD card, QSPI, PCIe memory, and optional MRAM
  • Headphone audio support, including microphone
  • Multiple power supply
    • USB-C power deliver
    • Power over Ethernet (POE) passive supply
    • 12V input

Target Applications

  • SMARC SOM applications 
  • Human machine interface (HMI) 
  • Video/Audio stream 
  • Computing systems 


Renesas Dialog Diagram Legend
Audio Codec      
DA7212 Ultra-Low Power Stereo Codec with 650µW Always On Power Mode Datasheet Buy/Sample


Boost Regulator      
ISL97519A 600kHz/1.2MHz PWM Step-Up Regulator Datasheet Buy/Sample


Buck-Boost Controller      
ISL81601 60V Bidirectional 4-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller Datasheet Buy/Sample


Buck Regulator      
ISL80019 Compact Synchronous Buck Regulator, Delivers Up To 2A of Continuous Output Current from a 2.7V to 5.5V Input Supply Datasheet Buy/Sample
ISL8026 Compact Synchronous Buck Regulator, Delivers 6A of Continuous Output Current from a 2.5V to 5.5V Input Supply Datasheet Buy/Sample


How Swap/Hot Plug Controller      
ISL6185XXC Dual USB Port Power Supply Controller Datasheet Buy/Sample


ISL80505 High Performance 500mA LDO Datasheet Buy/Sample


AT25QF128A 128-Mbit SPI NOR Flash Memory with Dual and Quad I/O Support Datasheet Buy/Sample


USB Switch      
uPD720115 USB 2.0 Hub Controller Datasheet Buy/Sample