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Smart Asset Tracking Label

The smart asset tracking label provides a method of container and device tracking that provides environmental data during transit. The tracking can report a container's or device's presence via Bluetooth® 5.1 either at a depot or through a tablet or mobile phone application. 

Renesas' Smart Tracking Label design is optimized with ultra-low power devices and several standby options for minimal current draw. 

System Benefits

  • The DA14531 provides Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) with only 3.5mA TX current and less than 300nA hibernation mode 
  • Low IQ buck-boost regulator allows maximum use of battery life and numerous battery topology options 
  • Serial FLASH (AT25EU) for data logging, consuming only 3mA for read/write 
  • Sniff-mode to wake-up the DA14531 Bluetooth LE from hibernation 

Target Applications

  • Container tracking 
  • Security locker monitor 
  • Device tracking 
Smart Asset Tracking Label DiagramRenesas Dialog Diagram Legend


Buck-Boost Regulator      
ISL9122A Ultra-Low IQ Buck-Boost Regulator with Bypass Datasheet Buy/Sample


DA14530 Ultra-Low Power Bluetooth® 5.1 System-on-Chip (SoC) Datasheet Buy/Sample


Humidity Sensor      
HS3001 High-Performance Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor Datasheet Buy/Sample
AT25EU Ultra-low Energy Serial NOR Flash with Fast Erase Datasheet Contact Sales