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IO-Link Master Solution

IO-Link is a serial communication protocol that connects sensors and actuators to remote I/O or programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in factory automation. This solution is an easy-to-use gateway development kit for the IO-Link protocol. It connects up to eight IO-Link sensors or actuators and supports industrial Ethernet communication controlled by an Arm® Cortex®-A7 microprocessor. 

System Benefits

  • Built-in IO-Link hardware frame handler significantly improves application performance 
  • Temperature and supply voltage monitoring and protection 
  • Overload protection for channels and connected devices 
  • Optimized for up to 8-port IO-Link master applications 
  • Optional secure boot function 

Target Applications

  • Industrial Ethernet/IO-Link network 
  • Industrial automation 
    • Sensors 
    • Actuators 
    • Hubs 


IO-Link Master Solution


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Buck Regulator      
RAA211650 60V, 5A Integrated Switching Regulator Datasheet Buy/Sample
ISL8033A Dual 3A Low Quiescent Current High-Efficiency Synchronous Buck Regulator Datasheet Buy/Sample
ISL8022 Dual 2A/1.7A Low Quiescent Current 2.25MHz High-Efficiency Synchronous Buck Regulator Datasheet Buy/Sample


R1EX25002ASA00I Serial Peripheral Interface 2k EEPROM (256-Word × 8-Bit) Datasheet Buy/sample


CCE4510 IO-Link Master Phy with Integrated Frame Handler Datasheet Buy/sample


AT25QF128A 128-Mbit SPI NOR Flash Memory with Dual and Quad I/O Support Datasheet Buy/Sample


RZ/N1S Microprocessor Optimized for Small PLC and HMI; Reduces Peripheral Components and Adaptable for Gateway, Sensor Hub User's Manual Buy/Sample


Programmable Clock      
5P35023 Programmable VersaClock® Clock Generator Datasheet Buy/Sample