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Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions for Appliances

This reference design is designed to detect refrigeration odors. However, smart kitchen appliances have several features, such as color displays, touch control and sound feedback. Voice recognition is also an emerging feature for non-contact operation. Sensing functions such as humidity/temperature and gas sensors can also be added as additional features to these systems.

System Benefits

  • High-performance human machine interface (HMI), touch key with haptics, voice recognition, graphics and sound can be controlled by one MCU
  • Low power solution with high-efficiency power regulators, low power haptics controller and low power audio codec
  • Integrated sensing solution with high-performance gas sensor and temperature/humidity sensor

Target Applications

  • Refrigerators
  • Microwave ovens
  • Range hoods
  • Other kitchen and home appliances
HMI Solutions for AppliancesRenesas Dialog Diagram Legend


Buck Regulator      
ISL8002 Compact Synchronous Buck Regulator Datasheet Buy/Sample


Codecs & Amplifiers      
DA7218 Ultra-Low Power Stereo Codec with Single-Ended Headphone Driver Datasheet Contact Sales


Digital Gas Sensor      
ZMOD4450 Gas Sensor Module for Refrigeration Air Quality (RAQ) Application Datasheet Buy/Sample


Haptic Driver      
DA7280 Low-power high-definition Haptic Driver for next generation human-machine interfaces Datasheet Contact DigiKey


Humidity Sensor      
HS3001 Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor Datasheet Buy/Sample


ISL9003A Low Noise LDO with Low IQ, High PSRR Datasheet Buy/Sample


LED Backlight Driver      
ISL97634 White LED Driver with PWM Dimming Datasheet Buy/Sample


AT45DQ321 4MB QSPI Flash memory Datasheet Buy/Sample


RA6M3 32-bit Microcontroller with 120MHz with USB High-Speed, Ethernet and TFT Controller Datasheet Buy/Sample