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Intelligence, connectivity, safety and autonomy

From automotive navigation, safety and infotainment systems to monitoring and anti-collision systems for trains and cranes, to fleet management and asset tracking to satellite connectivity for vehicle communications, Dialog’s technologies are at the heart of critical established and emerging transportation technologies. Our solutions provide greater reliability and security, better global coverage, higher performance, and more efficiency for a broad range of transportation-related systems.

Communications ICs

Our communications ICs are designed to enable reliable and easy-to-integrate communication interfaces for industrial devices and networks. These ICs enable OEMs to quickly develop robust and innovative solutions that meet the unique requirements of the industrial IoT, such as industrial-strength reliability and scalability. Today you can find our communications ICs in aviation telematics, train braking and crane anti-collision systems, in-car communications systems in major metropolitan light rails and subways, reliable tractor-trailer sensor communications, and in related areas such as train tunnel and transportation station monitoring systems and fuel pumps. Learn more about our communications ICs:


Product Portfolio
Product Key Feature Applications
FT 6050 Multi-protocol ‘Free Topology’ twisted pair Smart Transceiver for industrial and commercial communication and controls Control and automation networks | Smart buildings and cities | Building automation | HVAC | Lighting | Process controls | Energy management | Renewable energy | Rail Systems | Sound Equipment | Access and security | Industrial and agricultural automation | Condition monitoring | Secure POS | Retail and restaurant automation | Metering | Elevators and escalators
Pyxos Free Topology twisted pair Smart Transceiver for deterministic and self- organizing networks Industrial and consumer products | Sensing | Automotive | Buildings | Office machines | Transportation | Communication devices
Neuron 6050 Multi-core multi-protocol network processor for LON and BACnet control networks Control and automation networks | Smart buildings and cities | |Building automation | HVAC | Lighting | Process controls | Energy management | Renewable energy | Rail Systems | Sound Equipment | Access and security | Industrial and agricultural automation | Condition monitoring | Secure POS | Retail and restaurant automation | Metering | Elevators and escalators
SM2400 Multi-standard OFDM-based power line communications modem with superior performance in noisy environments Communication devices | Smart grid | Automated metering infrastructure (AMI) |Solar and alternative energy management | Smart lighting | Industrial Automation I Automotive
PL 3120 Narrow band power line Smart Transceiver for highly reliable LON networks Communication devices | Smart Lighting | Metering | Security | Irrigation | Temperature control | Equipment Condition Monitoring | Building Automation


NOR Flash Memory

Our non-volatile memory (NVM) devices address the data logging and code storage needs of a broad range of transportation applications which require long battery life and high-reliability operation. These devices provide ultra-low power operation, wide voltage solutions, fast data transfer, and unique features that enhance system performance. You can find our memories in applications including vehicle telematics and tele-location systems, fleet management, vehicle door access control, brake controllers, crane management controllers and displays, and in related areas such as traffic light control, emergency lighting and parking terminals.  Learn more about our non-volatile memory devices:

Systems and Software

Our open-standard IoT platform and tools connect, monitor and control devices in commercial and industrial deployments. The SmartServer IoT edge server enables companies to drive intelligent and automated decisions in the IIoT through its revolutionary open and extensible architecture by embracing legacy devices and protocols, extending them with emerging IoT protocols and applications, and enhancing them with insights from cloud and AI systems. Dialog’s SmartServer IoT is ideal for connecting, monitoring and controlling communications networks. Today you can find our system solutions in transportation related applications such as tunnels, train and rail systems, and transportation hubs. Read more about our systems and software solutions for communications applications:


Custom ASICs

Our many years of experience in implementing full-custom system-on-chip (SoC) designs helps our customers achieve their product vision. We optimize at both the block and system level, so our chips deliver ultra-low total system power consumption and area, while also delivering high performance and as much as 80% reduction in a customer’s bill of materials. Our integrated approach makes reverse engineering impractical, thereby protecting your intellectual property. We have supplied custom ASICs for an array of transportation applications such as M2M and remote asset connectivity, wheel rotation sensing for anti-lock brakes, power management for drones and automotive infotainment. Learn more about how our custom ASIC solutions can help you design better transportation products.  


Analog and Mixed-Signal IP

Our continuously growing portfolio of 400+ silicon-proven analog and mixed signal IP blocks offers class-leading performance, power consumption and area. Dialog’s portfolio of IP (through the acquisition of Adesto/S3semi) comprises precision data converters, power management, and RF IP blocks. Our ADC and DAC IP cores have class leading ENOB, INL and DNL figures.  Whether it’s customizable power solutions for battery management for drones or RF IP solutions targeting narrow and wideband standards for GNSS in automotive applications, Dialog has the IP solutions for your designs. Learn more about our mixed-signal and RF IP cores