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Smart Meters





Dialog's AccuSwitch™ and PrimAccurate™ technologies enable robust power supplies for Smart Meters that meet stringent global efficiency and no-load stand-by power consumption standards while offering a low BOM cost.

Dialog’s PrimAccurate™ AC/DC converters and controllers are rugged and reliable, offering near-zero stand-by power consumption, efficiency greater than 85% and a high level of integration removing fragile opto-isolators and Y-caps. This technology uses proprietary digital algorithms that perform real-time waveform analysis to monitor the output voltage and current through an auxiliary winding on the main transformer instead of using direct feedback from the output voltage (isolated or non-isolated). Cycle-by-cycle analysis through Dialog's digital technology allows for tight load and line regulation to input and output changes and full protection without costly additional components such as power sense resistors. This powers applications such as network power adapters for wireless routers, power adapters for wireless access points, ADSL modems, set-top box and home appliances, low-power AC/DC power supply for smart meters, smart electricity meters, and industrial.


Bluetooth low energy

Bluetooth LE can be used to communicate smart meter data to the cloud or a smartphone app to track energy consumption.

In solar energy systems with Bluetooth enabled smart meters users can monitor their generated energy on their smartphone app.

Prepaid smart meters use Bluetooth low energy to replace meter charge cards in some countries to enable access to electricity.

Dialog’s DA1453x provides a very low system cost for adding Bluetooth low energy to smart meters products.


Industrial ASICs

Dialog works closely with customers to help realize their exact product requirements for Smart Meters. The need to integrate Analog Front Ends with Clock, Driver, Security and Microcontroller are just some of the major challenges facing complex mixed-signal IC design. Dialog provides customers with full custom ASIC design and supply services that meet the highest functional safety and reliability requirements.



Dialog’s NOR flash memory products provide unique low-power features and the proven longevity required for efficient, reliable operation of smart meters. For smart meter communications modules and metrology circuits, flash memory supports code shadowing, over -the-air (OTA) updates and cash register functions.

FusionHD flash memory delivers superior performance with low power consumption. Tests show that by using features such as Active Interrupt, Read Modify Write, small page erase, and low power program and erase, FusionHD was able to operate five times faster and consume up to 70% less power than competitive devices.

DataFlash memory incorporates a suite of advanced features that save system power, reduce processor overhead, simplify software development, and provide comprehensive data security and integrity options.

fusion hd




Dialog offers highly configurable mixed-signal products ideal for industrial applications such as smart meters. GreenPAK enables small, fully integrated solutions that can be configured for the application’s specific needs, replacing typically discrete implementations for voltage monitoring, watchdogs and tamper detection circuits. All of this with digital interfaces such as I2C serial communications that connect the GreenPAK solutions directly to the system MCU.


Industrial Edge Computing

Dialog provides the tools you need to embrace existing field devices and systems, extend data to complimentary systems and enhance operations with new features and insights, improving both building efficiency and occupant experiences.

  Description Products Benefits
Edge Servers and Routers Our edge servers combine smart gateway and automation server functionalities. The end-to-end SmartServer™ IoT enables scalable IoT and Building Automation implementation with built-in integration and programming tools, management services and open APIs for data access and controls. It supports all commonly used open networking protocols such as BACnet, LON, Modbus and OPC within buildings and also provides out-of-the-box routing and remote network interface (RNI) to facilitate access to data between networks and from clients. SmartServer IoT Enables OEMs and system integrators to embrace existing industrial devices and extend new and legacy systems to enhance efficiency and ROI
Network Interfaces Network interfaces provide a variety of options for interfacing with LON IP, FT, TP-1250 and PL-20 communication networks as well as IO devices from a host computer, controller or router.  U10, U20, U60, U70 Ideal for product development and system integration since tools are compatible with all LON and BACnet FT devices regardless of manufacturer
Network Management Software The IzoT™ software family is the basis of hundreds of third-party applications and plug-ins that are all intrinsically compatible. These powerful open integration tools work with LON and BACnet/IP devices from any manufacturer, speeding and simplifying design and deployment of IoT solutions.

IzoT CT, IzoT NetServer, LNS DDE Server, LonScanner


Easily connect building device networks and digital IOs to IT devices
Development Kits Development kits are hardware or software tools that enable you to develop smart devices for today’s industrial IoT. IzoT SDK 2, IzoT ShortStack SDK, SmartServer Iot Starter Kit Enables developers to build IIoT communicating devices and networked applications on a variety of modern platforms

Use case example: Electricity Meter


Use case example: Gas-Water Meter