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Smart Home





Smart homes and buildings use home automation technologies to provide home owners with intelligent feedback and information by monitoring many aspects of a home. Our portfolio of products including SmartBond™ DA1468x, DA1469x, and low power Wi-Fi will do just that - making your home more connected, secure and convenient. How? We offer a vast array of solutions enabling smart locks, window sensors, smart lighting, security video cameras and temperature monitoring control while keeping up with the demand for constant improvements in reliability, cost and energy efficiency. For example, a smart home can control lighting or a refrigerator may be able to catalogue its contents, suggest menus, recommend healthy alternatives, and order replacements as food is consumed.

Security block diagram


Smart locks have steadily increased in popularity over the last few years. When they were first introduced to the market, many homeowners and users were unsure about upgrading to smart locks because their traditional lock-and-key system still worked well. If it was a safety issue, they could very easily work on upgrading their locks. However, smart locks provide homeowners with much more than an upgrade in their security. The automated nature of these locks provides its users with an added layer of convenience and efficiency that traditional locks do not give. 

Smart Home Control  Block Diagram


Connected devices like the smart plug can turn on and off any appliance that plugs into a standard wall socket. Simply plugged into any wall socket,
smart plugs can be used with a lamp, a TV, a cable box, a coffee machine—anything. Additionally, using a user friendly smartphone app, the smart plug can provide information on your usage and electricity consumption, and even shows a running total of how much that device costs to run.

Energy management block diagram

Energy management

The great appeal of the smart homes is that it enables owners to remotely control parts of the home and configure time schedules for smart home enabled devices to help control costs and be more energy-efficient (i.e. green homes) while providing added convenience and potential time savings.

Convenience block diagram


Smart appliances are designed to make our lives more convenient. Connected appliances can monitor and maintain the home from virtually anywhere. With just the touch of a button, a smartphone can help control smart appliances—from starting wash cycles to checking a refrigerator’s inventory—and even troubleshooting issues.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is the gateway to personal connectivity and enables easy access to the cloud. Dialog's SmartBond SoC family is the simplest route to delivering the most power-friendly and flexible Bluetooth connected products to the market. 

Product Why it benefits Smart Homes
DA1453x, DA1458x, DA1468x, DA1469x With Bluetooth low energy prevalent on all smartphones today, the transmit and receive range offered by our products, coupled with the lowest BoM, make Dialog's BLE SoC's the perfect connectivity solution for control within the home


Low Power Wi-Fi

Our ultra-low power Wi-Fi solutions are designed for IoT applications where long battery life, high RF performance, robust security and ease of application development are key market needs. This makes it ideal for a range of battery powered Smart Home devices including door locks, security cameras, thermostats and home automation.

Product Why it benefits Smart Homes
DA16200, DA16200 Modules, DA16600 Modules, FC9000, FCM9000S, HJ-DA16200 Dialog’s Wi-Fi platform provides industry-leading battery life for battery-powered applications without compromising on the range and wireless signal quality.


Audio Processor SmartBeat SoCs

Dialog offers a simple route to home automation audio processing using the SmartBeat range of Audio SoCs

Product Why it benefits Smart Homes
DA14195 Ideal for home automation applications, the ARM microcontroller, 32-bit audio DSP, USB, DC/DC chargers and more are integrated
DA14495 Integrated 1.9 MHz DECT radio


Diagram of DA14x95

Audio processors for smart speakers and other home automation applications

Smart speakers connecting to your smartphone or the cloud when used in the home continue to be an increasingly popular consumer application today. Integrating WiFi, Bluetooth for audio streaming - along with features such as Far Field beam forming, AEC, Hotwords or other voice control together with traditional audio features such as equalization.

Dialog addresses the smart building market using a common platform using its SmartBeat ICs as the heart of the system, and augmenting it with a portfolio of ICs which can be combined to complete a customer’s system such as:

  • SmartBeat audio processor for audio effects, as well as input processing (Hotword etc)

  • Multiple PDM inputs for multi microphone arrays

  • Radio interface to 2.4 GHz Bluetooth HCI devices

  • High efficiency, small and easy to use 10 Watt Class-D amplifiers

  • External Power Management PMICs for higher efficiency DC/DC

  • AC/DC power conversion with zero current draw at no load

Use case example: Smart Lock