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Smart Appliances





Application Products Description
Induction Control iW248 Digital and analog circuits for hardware control, lower power continuous-mode operation, built-in protection circuity, and 10W resolution power control
TV Box Set - Power Supply Solution iW1702, iW676 High efficiency, low cost 45 W AD/DC controller chipset with output short circuit protection, output over-voltage protection, output over-current protection, and optional on-chip over-temperature protection
White Goods, Home Appliances - Primary-Side Switchers iW1818, iW1819, iW1825iW1830 Integrated high-voltage internal power switch with high capacitance loads to meet stringent energy regulations



The recent advances and developments in the home appliances industry are driving considerable growth and technology innovation provided by leadership companies in the semiconductor market. Consumers now have high expectations and are investing in value-added features that this technology can bring to their home appliances. Dialog has developed a whole family of products to serve this fast-growing market. Dialog’s AC/DC Power Conversion products for this sector features the company’s PrimAccurate™ Technology which ensures accurate control of voltage and current in these appliances supplying an accuracy of ±3% voltage and ±5% constant-current accuracy.

acdc diagram


Use case example: Connected Appliances