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Improving system efficiency while reducing BOM size and cost

Using PrimAccurate™ technology, we enable highly reliable AC/DC converters for networking applications without the need for an optocoupler to improve system efficiency and reduce overall BOM size and cost.

Digital power conversion up to 45W

Dialog’s unique multi-mode control and quasi-resonant switching technology gives high efficiency at max load current and reduces no load power consumption to virtually zero, enabling Energy-Star® compliant access points, routers and modems. Our PrimAccurate™ AC/DC converters and controllers are rugged and reliable, offering near-zero stand-by power consumption, efficiency greater than 85% and a high level of integration removing fragile opto-isolators and Y-caps. This technology uses proprietary digital algorithms that perform real-time waveform analysis to monitor the output voltage and current through an auxiliary winding on the main transformer instead of using direct feedback from the output voltage (isolated or non-isolated). Cycle-by-cycle analysis through Dialog's digital technology allows for tight load and line regulation to input and output changes and full protection without costly additional components such as power sense resistors.

Product Portfolio
Product Key Feature Applications
iW628 Adaptive Voltage Position Monitor; Companion to iW1766C1, iW1767 AC/DC Controllers High Efficiency, Ultra-Low Standby, Ultra-Fast Dynamic Load Response (DLR) AC/DC Power Supplies
iW657P USB Power Delivery 3.0 Interface Controller for AC/DC Power Adapters and Power Supplies, with D+/D-/CC1/CC2 Overvoltage Protection and Integrated Current Sense USB Power Delivery 3.0, Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 4+, Direct Charge Adapters; USB PD Power Supplies; Companion to iW1781 or iW1791
iW671 Not Recommended for New Designs - See iW673 High Power Density, Ultra-Low Standby, Ultra-Fast Dynamic Load Response (DLR) AC/DC Power Supplies
iW1702 Configurable Light-Load Operation Mode to Optimize for Low No-Load Power Consumption and Fast DLR 45W Power Adapters for 9V+ Applications, Including Network Devices, Monitors, Universal AC/DC Adapters; External Input OVP option for 5V+ Applications
iW1706 Optimized 72kHz Max Switching Frequency Network Power Adapters for Wireless Routers and ADSL Modems
iW1707 PrimAccurate™ Digital Controller in SOT-23 Package Network Power Adapters for Wireless Access Points and ADSL Modems
iW1709 <50mW No-Load Power Consumption PrimAccurate™ Controller Network Power Adapters for Wireless Access Points, ADSL Modems, Set-Top Box and Home Appliances
iW1710 Reduces Number of Components and Cost; For Improved Performance - See iW1760 Networking Adapters up to 40W
iW1760 Not Recommended for New Designs - iW1760B Power Adapters up to 40W
iW1760B 1% Output Ripple, Small Solution Size Network Device, Monitor, Ultrabook Power Adapters up to 45W
iW1762 Selectable Cable Drop Compensation Optimized for Networking Adapters Between 15-24W
iW1767 Very Fast Dynamic Load Response Optimized for Networking Adapters Between 15-24W
iW1770 High Peak Power Capable AC/DC Controller with SmartDefender™ Advanced Hiccup Technology Ultrabook, Network Device Power Supplies, Universal Input AC/DC Adapters to 40W
iW1815 64kHz Integrated BJT Optimized for 12Vout, 7W Output Low-Power AC/DC Power Supply for Smart Meters, Motor Control, Home Appliances and Industrial Applications
iW1818 72kHz Integrated 800V BJT Optimized for 12Vout, 12W Output, No Optocoupler, Accurate Voltage Cross-Regulation Low-Power AC/DC Power Supply for Networking and Home Appliance Applications
iW1819 72kHz Integrated 800V Power BJT, 18W Output, No Optocoupler, Accurate Voltage Cross-Regulation Low-Power, Compact AC/DC Power Supplies for Smart Meters, Networking, Set Top Box, Home Appliance Applications
iW1820 72kHz Integrated 800V Power BJT Optimized for 5Vout, 15W Output, No Optocoupler, Accurate Voltage Cross-Regulation Low-Power, Compact AC/DC Power Adapters/Chargers for Media Tablets, Smartphones, Consumer Electronics, AC/DC Power Supplies for Smart Meters, Home Appliances, Industrial Applications
iW1825 79kHz Integrated 700V MOSFET for 25W Power Supplies; Integrates Configurable Light Load Mode to Optimize for No-Load Power and Fast DLR 25W AC/DC Power Supplies for Embedded, Home Appliances, Monitors and Networking Applications  
iW1830 79kHz Integrated 700V Power MOSFET Optimized for 12Vout, 15W Output, No Optocoupler, Accurate Voltage Cross-Regulation Low-Power AC/DC Power Supply for Networking and Home Appliance Applications

Industrial Edge Computing

Our open-standard networking platforms and tools connect monitor and control devices in commercial and industrial IoT deployments. The new SmartServer IoT edge server platform enables companies to drive intelligent and automated decisions in the IIoT through its revolutionary open, extensible architecture that allows solutions to “Embrace” legacy devices and protocols, “Extend” with emerging IoT protocols and applications, and “Enhance” with insights from cloud and AI systems.

Custom ASICs & IP

Dialog (through its acquisition of Adesto) has many years’ experience in implementing full-custom industrial system-on-chip (SoC) designs, achieving as much as 80% bill of materials reductions for our customers. What’s more, because we optimize both at block and system level, our chips deliver the lowest total system power consumption and area, while delivering the best performance. Our integrated approach makes reverse engineering exceptionally impractical, thereby protecting your intellectual property.

Application-Specific Memories

Our non-volatile memory (NVM) devices are designed with specific features and embedded intelligence to dramatically reduce a system’s overall energy consumption and extend its battery life, while delivering higher performance, greater reliability, enhanced security, and lower system cost.

Communications Products

Our communications ICs are designed to enable reliable and easy communications for industrial devices and networks. Our highly programmable Power Line Communications (PLC) ICs enable OEMs to quickly develop robust and innovative solutions that meet the unique requirements of automotive applications, such as industrial-strength reliability and scalability.

For decades, our LonWorks platform has been powering train braking systems, and is the basis of several standards in in-train control. Our OFDM-class PLC modems provide unprecedented level of flexibility and noise immunity, and support communication standards for in-truck sensor communication, such as PLC4TRUCKS and G3-PLC, as well as uniquely robust proprietary modes used in battery chargers and battery management systems.

We will provide up to five parts free of charge and our sales team will provide pricing for sample orders exceeding five parts. To initiate your request, please complete the form below.

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