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Industrial applications


Realized through the strategic acquisition of Creative Chips GmbH in 2019, Dialog immediately established itself as a key supplier of mixed-signal custom ASICs into the fast-growing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market. We also provide a growing range of standard industrial products starting with our IO-Link Master and Device ICs.

Industrial ASICs

Industrial automation or so-called Industry 4.0 is driving some of the most complex networking and electronic system solutions in the world today. In many case, optimized bespoke solutions are the only way to achieving ultimate performance in such a demanding environment. Dialog works closely with customers to help realize their exact product requirements with a particular focus on Industrial IoT applications. The need for integrated sensors, high sensitivity interfaces, low power consumption, high voltage support, high-speed data processing with fully automated, programable real-time online control, are just some of the major challenges facing complex mixed-signal IC design. Dialog provides customers with full custom ASIC design and supply services for industrial applications that meet the highest functional safety and reliability requirements.

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IO-Link standard product ICs

IO-Link is a standardized communications technology that provides digital data communications to the last meters between field devices such as sensors and actuators and the machine control. It is revolutionizing connectivity with data from all levels of machinery and systems being made available completely in line with Industry 4.0 bringing potential for completely new and improved machine functions. For more information on IO-Link, please visit

Dialog’s IO-Link ICs drive the physical connection at both ends of the cable with IO-Link Master and Device Phy products that conform with the IO-Link standard. For more information on Dialog’s IO-Link ICs please click on the product links below...

Industrial IoT Product Portfolio
Product Description Functions
CCE4503 IO-Link Device Phy IC UART interface, one IO-Link channel with up to 250 mA, configurable current limit and slew rate, wake-up detection, 3.3V or 5V LDO, advanced protection features
CCE4502 IO-Link Device Phy IC Integrated frame handler with programmable outstage, slew rate control, 7 V buck converter, 3.3/5 V LDO and protection circuits
CCE4510 IO-Link Master Phy IC Integrated frame handler, two channels, 1 A peak driving current and automated wake-up procedure

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