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Factory Automation





Factory automation is rapidly evolving with Industry 4.0 driving the design of intelligent and efficient factory automation with robust, dependable communication systems that provide remote monitoring and control from the edge to the cloud.  Dialog offers many solutions for your factory automation requirements, with a growing range of standard products like our IO-Link Master and Device ICs through to bespoke full custom mixed-signal ASICs that meet the exacting needs of the world’s most demanding customers.

Industrial ASICs

Dialog works closely with customers to help realize their exact product requirements with a particular focus on Industrial IoT applications. The need for integrated sensors, high sensitivity interfaces, low power consumption, high voltage support, high-speed data processing with fully automated, programable real-time online control, are just some of the major challenges facing complex mixed-signal IC design. Dialog provides customers with full custom ASIC design and supply services for industrial applications that meet the highest functional safety and reliability requirements.

Typical Features of an Industrial ASIC
Typical Features of an Industrial ASIC


Examples of Analog & Digital Competency

12-bit 500MS/s Dual-Channel ADC 12-bit 740MS/s Dual Current Steering DAC
12-bit 40MS/s ADC 1.7MHz Bandwidth CTSD ADC
12-bit 1.43GS/s Current Steering DAC 10-bit 1MS/s ADC
12-bit 122.88MS/s Octal Core ADC Low Power XTAL
VC_VGA Fast Settling DCO
LDO AI Cores
Microcontroller subsystems HART
IO Link 3DES/Crypto Core


Edge Computing with SmartEdge ASICs

Data retrieval of factory automation settings must happen in real-time to optimize the decision making process. With the number of sensors used in factories increasing exponentially, information processing needs to be performed as close to the sensor edge as possible to achieve the lowest possible latency. This drives the need for processing solutions that meet the performance requirements but are also small, cost effective and low in power.

smart edge diagram

Introducing the SmartEdge ASIC platform from Dialog. With SmartEdge, you can select the specific requirements you have for Analog processing, Control, Memory and Communications and have a unique custom ASIC delivered that meets all your factory automation requirements.

For more resources on SmartEdge click here


IO-Link is a standardized communications technology that provides digital data communications to the last meters between field devices such as sensors and actuators and the machine control. It is revolutionizing connectivity with data from all levels of machinery and systems being made available completely in line with Industry 4.0 bringing potential for completely new and improved machine functions. For more information on IO-Link, please visit

Dialog’s IO-Link ICs drive the physical connection at both ends of the cable with IO-Link Master and Device Phy products that conform with the IO-Link standard.


 Product Portfolio
Product Description Functions
CCE4502 IO-Link Device Phy IC Integrated frame handler with programmable outstage, slew rate control, 7 V buck converter, 3.3/5 V LDO and protection circuits
CCE4503 IO-Link Device Phy IC UART interface, one IO-Link channel with up to 250 mA, configurable current limit and slew rate, wake-up detection, 3.3V or 5V LDO, advanced protection features
CCE4510 IO-Link Master Phy IC Integrated frame handler, two channels, 1 A peak driving current and automated wake-up procedure

Industrial Edge Computing

Dialog's Industrial Edge Computing unit provides the tools you need to embrace existing field devices and systems, extend data to complimentary systems and enhance operations with new features and insights, improving both building efficiency and occupant experiences.

  Description Products Benefits
Edge Servers and Routers Our edge servers combine smart gateway and automation server functionalities. The end-to-end SmartServer™ IoT enables scalable IoT and Factory Automation implementation with built-in integration and programming tools, management services and open APIs for data access and controls. It supports all commonly used open networking protocols such as BACnet, LON, Modbus and OPC within buildings and also provides out-of-the-box routing and remote network interface (RNI) to facilitate access to data between networks and from clients. SmartServer IoT Industrial-grade products enables device management, automation, data analytics, web services and edge computing/AI. Compatible with BMS and SCADA systems
Network Interfaces Compact USB interfaces for use with industrial field bus, communication and IoT networks, and analog or digital I/Os. These devices are used with workstations, edge servers, gateways, routers and PCs to connect with sensors, actuators and edge devices. IOXU60, U70 Easily connect building device networks and digital IOs to IT devices
Software Tools LON and BACnet software for network design, provisioning, management and analysis/troubleshooting. These products enable network integrators to create open, interoperable systems

IzoT CT, IzoT NetServer, LNS DDE Server, LonScanner


Ideal for product development and system integration since tools are compatible with all LON and BACnet FT devices regardless of manufacturer


Bluetooth low energy

Bluetooth low energy is a key wireless technology for factory automation in terms of wireless sensors, tracking if equipment is used in the right way and place, diagnostic of expensive equipment to determine when maintenance is to be done SmartBond technology provides the solutions driving factory automation to the next level.