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Connected Medical

Connected Medical

Connected, efficient, reliable

Within the medical industry, advanced electronics are finding their way into more applications, from large, high value imaging devices down to smart tags for blood products and surgical packs. Medical and healthcare facilities are also modernizing their operations through technology, with IoT and cloud connected solutions. Dialog offers a range of semiconductor and systems solutions that can help you optimize your healthcare related systems, with a focus on connectivity, efficiency and reliability.


NOR Flash Memory

For products like medical monitors and battery operated medical devices, memory technology is no longer all about cost. Product developers must consider how a memory device can impact their system performance and overall product design, and must also be sure of the products quality, robustness, and longevity of supply. Dialog’s specialty memories make a real difference in our customers’ designs – from wearable medical monitors to syringe pumps to pacemakers and beyond. We also offer extremely low power, sterilization tolerant RRAM technology to support medical device development. Learn more about our highly efficient system-enhancing non-volatile memory solutions:


Communications ICs

Our communications ICs are designed to enable reliable and easy-to-integrate communication interfaces for industrial devices and networks. These ICs enable OEMs to quickly develop robust and innovative solutions that meet the unique requirements of the industrial IoT, such as industrial-strength reliability and scalability. Our communications ICs can be found inside hospital systems used to monitor and control environmental conditions such as room temperature, air pressure and humidity, able to meet the stringent requirements of operating rooms and ICUs. Learn more about our communications ICs:


Systems and Software

Our open-standard IoT platform and tools connect, monitor and control devices in commercial and industrial deployments. The SmartServer IoT edge server can help keep critical medical infrastructure such as hospitals and labs running at peak efficiency, improving on a facility’s building automation and condition monitoring systems with better energy management, enhanced security, essential operational insights, lower cost and end-to-end efficiency. It can help to maintain optimal environments for patients and staff through a continuous view into system performance; enable connectivity between disparate systems with holistic visibility of critical building data and information; and connect devices with IoT cloud services for predictive analytics and preventive maintenance. Our systems and software solutions are used in healthcare facilities around the world. Read more:



Custom ASICs

Our many years of experience in implementing full-custom system-on-chip (SoC) designs helps our customers achieve their product vision. We optimize at both the block and system level, so our chips deliver ultra-low total system power consumption and area, while also delivering high performance and as much as 80% reduction in a customer’s bill of materials. We customize solutions for customers’ specific requirements, with an integrated approach that makes reverse engineering impractical. We’ve worked with customers to create ASICs for a range of medical related solutions including high-precision medical equipment where ultra-low power and very small form-factors were key. Learn more about how our custom ASIC solutions can help you design better medical products.  (Link)


Analog and Mixed-Signal IP

Our continuously growing portfolio of 400+ silicon-proven analog and mixed signal IP blocks offers class-leading performance, power consumption and area. This includes a broad range of ADC and DAC cores that are ideal for medical devices. You can find our IP cores in products such as glucose meters, portable blood analyzers, medical ultrasound devices, hearing aids and medical diagnostic equipment. Whatever the requirement for your next medical design, Dialog has the IP solution you need.  Learn more about our mixed-signal and RF IP cores here.