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Computing and Storage





Dialog’s low power haptics drivers provide new interface capabilities within computing system designs and are now delivering an exciting range of new user experiences and enhanced features. In addition, our Audio CODECs, validated by ecosystem partners, provide a fast, low-risk solution for seamless integration into customer systems.

Dialog’s long heritage in custom ASIC solutions and advanced mixed signal IP portfolio are now successfully utilized and configured for deployment in a broad range of our customers’ platforms in applications including gaming, solid state drives and compact form-factor computing designs.


Bluetooth low energy


Bluetooth technology is widely used in computing technology from smart phones to personal computer peripherals like keyboard, mice and stylus devices SmartBond Bluetooth low energy is fitting well in to this type of products bringing lowest power consumption and smallest footprint solutions for styluses, lowest latency into gaming and mixed reality peripherals or other type of human interface products like keyboards or mice.


Secure storage provides protection and a data lock function to unauthorized access to personal data on storage media. Bluetooth low energy is a perfect low power, low cost technology realizing data locks. SmartBond Bluetooth low energy solutions are designed to provide secure access from standard Bluetooth level security all the way up to FIPS140 level of security


Power Management ICs

Dialog’s comprehensive solutions meet the challenges of powering today’s advanced computing system platforms with their increasingly diverse voltage and current needs, multiple channels, power sequencing requirements and the ability to scale designs to cope with future higher power needs. In addition to highly integrated PMIC solutions with integrated multiple buck regulators and LDOs, Dialog offers a family of high-power sub-PMICs that satisfy the high-current needs of the latest DDR memory banks, key to fulfill the needs for higher transfer rates in modern computing. These sub-PMICs offer multiphase, high current (up to 20A) buck regulators in a compact footprint with advanced power management features to maximize power-performance density - vital for best-in-class computing applications.


System PMIC Product Portfolio
Product Package Input Voltage (V) Regulators LDOs ADC RTC Interface GPIOs Backup charger Watchdog
DA9061 QFN 2.7 to 5.5 3 4 - - I2C 5 - Y
DA9062 QFN 2.8 to 5.5 4 4 - Y I2C 5 Y Y
DA9063 BGA 2.5 to 5.5 6 11 Y Y I2C, SPI 16 Y Y


Sub-PMIC Product Portfolio
Product Package Input Voltage (V) Regulators Interface GPIOs
DA9121 WLCSP 2.5 to 5.5 One dual-phase buck (10A) I2C 5
DA9122 WLCSP 2.5 to 5.5 Two single-phase bucks (5A each) I2C 5
DA9211 WLCSP 2.8 to 5.5 One quad-phase buck (12A) I2C, SPI 5
DA9212 WLCSP 2.8 to 5.5 Two dual-phase bucks (6A each) I2C, SPI 5
DA9213 WLCSP 2.8 to 5.5 One quad-phase buck (20A) I2C, SPI 5
DA9214 WLCSP 2.8 to 5.5 Two dual-phase bucks (10A each) I2C, SPI 5
DA9215 WLCSP 2.8 to 5.5 One triple-phase buck (15A) and one single-phase buck (5A) I2C, SPI 5
DA9217 WLCSP 2.5 to 5.5 One dual-phase buck (6A) I2C 5
DA9220 WLCSP 2.5 to 5.5 Two single-phase bucks (3A     


Switched capacitor DC-DC converters

Dialog’s DA9313 is an ultra-efficient buck converter that does not require the use of inductors. This differentiated technology is leading the way in optimizing next-generation storage and computing devices. This family of devices - also referred to as switched capacitor DC-DC converters - can offer up to 98% efficiency at high power levels.

This converter family allows system designers to transition from 1S to 2S systems without any changes in their power tree, making system power regulation more efficient, reducing PCB board area to less than 50% and height to less than 1mm when compared to the traditional inductor-based buck configuration. Switched capacitor DC-DC converters can also be used for direct charging of single cell Lithium batteries, reducing routing loss by 75% and enabling the use of 3A USB cables to deliver up to 6A for charging.

da9313 block diagram

DA9313 is a stand-alone converter for applications supplied by voltages from 5.0V to 10.5V and represents the industry’s first inductor-less 10A power converter to deliver over 50W in a less than 10 mm2 package. With its best-in-class efficiency and master/slave operational capability for up to 20A output current, the DA9313 enables applications to be powered with improved efficiencies requiring less volume compared to conventional high voltage direct conversion solutions.
These fully integrated power converters halve the input voltage without the requirement for an inductor and provide high efficiency over a very wide range of output current loads - delivering superior performance to conventional solutions using charge pump technology which suffer the disadvantage of very limited output current capability.


Dialog offers high-performance, low-power audio CODECs that are optimized for use in Chromebooks.


The DA7219 includes Advanced Accessory Detection (AAD) which supports the detection and identification of 3-pole (headphone) and 4-pole (headset) jacks, and allows the automatic pin order switching of MIC/ GND on CTIA or OMTP headsets. DA7219 is on the approved vendor list for multiple Chromebook systems in addition to being used in multiple systems with 3.5 mm audio I/O jacks, and is the industry’s lowest power consumption, portable audio CODEC.


Haptics technology recreates the sense of touch to the user by applying forces and vibrations in the form of touch feedback in displays, touch surfaces and buttons. The DA728x family of High-Definition (HD) Haptic Drivers, combine custom drive sequences, on- and off resonance, at up to 1kHz. The device can drive both ERM and LRA (narrow and wideband) actuators and track resonance up to 300Hz to drive the most complex click/vibration touch effects in a wide range of applications.

As haptic drivers spend the majority of their time in standby/idle mode, the DA728x family was designed to utilize very low idle current consumption (360nA) to maximize battery life.

The DA728x family combines very low idle current consumption with low-latency trigger inputs to minimize system power consumption. Integrated trigger inputs allow haptic operation without waking the application processor, and latency times at sub-1ms give real switch behavior - 10x better than any other solution available today.

Haptics Product Portfolio
Product Market Focus Control Method # of input trigger pins Lowest power mode I2C Addresses
DA7280 General Market I2C, PWM, GPI 3 360nA Idle 1
DA7281 Multi-LRA Systems I2C, PWM, GPI 1 360nA Idle 4
DA7282 Wearables I2C, PWM, GPI 3 5nA Standby 1