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Asset and People Tracking




Asset and people tracking has been evolving over the past 2 decades, from simple barcodes and QR Codes to RFID tags/badges offering ‘passive’ tracking capabilities to more recently include Bluetooth LE ‘active’ tracking. Bluetooth ‘active’ tags can offer a number of key benefits including: remote reading using smartphones (user does not need to physically locate a tag or be close to it and they do not need expensive hand-held readers eg RFID readers), it can also measure and track information (active) about the asset or person instead of just reporting its identity (passive) and communicate this information on request (data can be very useful in determining when/where/what events, including environment, movement, location, proximity) and Bluetooth LE tags are more able (compared to RFID tags) to be read through liquids making them better suited to cold-chain tracking of pharmaceutical goods or liquid consumer goods (such as Inkjet cartridges, wines/spirits, etc).

Dialog’s Bluetooth LE portfolio includes SOCs well suited to both asset tracking (pallet, box and even item level) and people tracking (basic badges through to high-content UI wearables.

Wireless System-on-Chip (SoC): The SmartBond™ DA1469x family of Bluetooth® low energy solutions is Dialog’s most advanced, feature rich range of multi-core microcontroller units for wireless connectivity. Offering the highest integration, processing power and RAM and customizable radio RF to support a broad range of applications.

Wireless Ranging (WiRa™) SDK: Dialog's WiRa technology offers fine-grain, phase-based ranging performance approaching UWB (ultra-wideband) accuracy, while using significantly lower power (extending battery life) and lower solution cost. It enhances the DA1469x family of Bluetooth LE SoCs with new, highly accurate and reliable distance measurement capabilities.

Memory: SPI NOR Flash Memory is a perfect match to the Bluetooth low energy engine, featuring ultra-deep power down for battery powered designs.

GreenPAK: Dialog’s GreenPAK Mixed-signal Matrix ICs integrate many system functions to minimize components, reduce PCB space, and reduce power. With the straightforward, free GreenPAK Designer software an engineer can develop a unique solution for their product without standardized discrete circuitry or firmware.



  Description Benefits
WiRa The WiRa™ SDK leverages the existing DA1469x wireless MCU family – including its ARM® Cortex®-M33 application processor, M0+-based baseband processor and best-in-class radio performance – to provide distance measurements from a single chip. It also comes equipped with a Bluetooth LE 5.2 compliant stack and software implementation, eliminating the need for hardware adaptations or an external host processor and ensuring co-existence between Bluetooth communications and the distance measurement process.

Add distance measurement as a feature to your Bluetooth or Proprietary wireless applications

Improved accuracy and robustness compared to RSSI based localization

No additional HW needed compared to standard Bluetooth LE system designs

Single-chip embedded system architecture

Comprehensive SW suite including data processing algorithms, distance output, UI and SW application example

AT25FF Series Flash Memory Low-power, Wide Vcc, NOR flash memory with fast read for code and data storage. It offers low-power operation as well as a high-speed SPI, dual and quad interface. This allows rapid transfer of code or data for fast booting, execute in place, AI, data transfer, or system configuration.

Fast - supports a high-speed interface, as well as high-speed read operations, making it ideal for code download, execute in place and rapid data transfer

Low Power - offers low-power read, erase, and program to help increase battery life

Ultra-deep Power-down - With its integrated 5 nA ultra-deep power-down mode, AT25FF rivals the capabilities of external power management ICs, but reduces system design complexity and saves BOM.

Universally Compatible - No hardware change required. The AT25FF is pin and functionally compatible with existing SPI, dual, and quad 1.8 V or 3.0 V NOR flash devices

Comprehensive SW suite including data processing algorithms, distance output, UI and SW application example

GreenPAK Providing a MHz frequency range detector and controller circuit, GreenPAKs offer design flexibility for customized IC functionality in very small, cost-effective packages.

Integrate and Differentiate - Implement new features and functionality in one device as small as 1.0mm x 1.2mm

Shrink PCB Footprint - Fewer components and less routing complexity

Reduce Power Consumption - Extend battery life by powering fewer discrete devices and managing power within the GreenPAK . IQ as low as tens of nA

Adapt Design as Needed - Adapt to changing requirements quickly and spin new prototypes in minutes

Faster Time to Market - Development tolls exploit the power of silicon without NRE changes and long lead times

Secure - Circuit implementation is not visible to competition