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Powering the smart connected future

Through better power management, connectivity, and control, we are driving the future forward.  We design and develop the fundamental power-saving technologies that make smart, connected devices, and groundbreaking functionality possible. From making your smartphone more power efficient to helping you control industrial automation and home appliances from anywhere, to enabling the next generation of wearable devices, we provide key functionality that improves the experience. For consumers, that means the promise of anytime, anywhere access to the resources, information, and people they need can be their everyday reality. Our innovations are at the heart of mobile productivity.

And that is powerful. 

Smart Home

Dialog’s series of wireless sensors, actuators and base station devices enable wireless sensor networks for home automation, security, healthcare and energy monitoring consumer markets.

Home Appliances

Dialog’s PrimAccurate™ AC/DC converters and controllers offer ultra-low no-load standby power, high efficiency and fast dynamic load response to enable high performance while meeting stringent global energy efficiency standards.

Smart Lighting

Designed to enable high performance and predictable, long bulb operating life, our SSL LED driver ICs use patented digital intelligence to deliver high quality of light, ultra-low BOM cost, better dimmer compatibility, and less flicker, even when dimming.

Smart Meters

PrimAccurate™ technology enables rugged solutions for Smart Meters, eliminating components susceptible to failure like optocouplers and Y-caps. The converters also offer near zero stand-by power consumption and high efficiency at full load.


To meet todays connected car power management needs, we offer a range of automotive qualified system and sub-PMICs designed to meet the stringent quality and reliability requirements.


Industrial automation requires some of the most complex networking and electronic system solutions in the world. Dialog’s custom ASICs and ASSPs for industrial applications are designed to meet the highest functional safety and reliability requirements.


Using PrimAccurate™ technology, we enable highly reliable AC/DC converters for networking applications without the need for an optocoupler to improve system efficiency and reduce overall BOM size and cost.

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