Wall-to-Battery & Direct Charging

Wall-to-Battery &

Direct Charging

The standardization of the USB Type-C port across a multitude of portable devices has accelerated the adoption of a new and faster way of charging batteries, commonly referred to as “Current Doubling” or “Direct Charging”.

When the portable device is paired with a USB-Type-C compatible adapter supporting the PPS (Programmable Power Supply) feature according the USB-PD3.0 specification, the 2-way communication between the USB-Type-C PPS capable adapter and the portable device can change the charging path from conventional, fixed travel adapter voltage level charging through the Inductive Main Charger to the newly emerged Fast Charger through the Capacitive Current Doubler (DA9318). Next to an increasing charging current into the battery, the thermal power dissipation within the portable device decreases as the Capacitive Current Doubler provides a much higher efficiency than any inductive converter facing similar height and area constraints. Our various Flash Memory devices support a variety of memory size and power requirements with the FusionHDTM series adding additional, non-memory related features to any system.

A portable power-bank development kit containing a superset of the system shown below is available.

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