Connected rechargeable E-cigarette

Connected & Rechargeable E-cigarette

Next generation rechargeable E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers may contain BLE connectivity for user tracking, device locking and unlocking and automated reordering of cartridges.

Some of these devices probably support cartridge identification or authentication, requiring an additional interface from the base unit to the cartridge.

In addition, European regulations such as CEN/TS 17287 ‘Requirements and test methods for electronic cigarette devices’ emphasize functional safety and require numerous safety functions to prevent overheating of devices and atomizers and protect consumers from various potential malfunctions of electronic cigarettes.

Dialog’s highly integrated BLE SOCs and configurable mixed-mode GreenPAKs create a platform for miniature, cost effective and safe solutions.
With safety functions integrated into configurable, customer specific configured GreenPAKs, these solutions can take care of individual concerns without requiring expensive, NRE based design cycles.

The available DataFlash™, FusionHD™ and standard Flash memory devices complement firmware upgrades and data logging.

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