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5 Configurable Mixed-Signal /Op-Amp circuits to Inspire your next Design

Analog PAK Applications: 5 Programmable, Mixed-Signal Solutions to Inspire your next Op Amp Circuit Design

Join us to discover how Analog PAK can be easily configured to create a number of popular analog applications!

In this webinar, we're going to cover how the following circuits can be realized quickly and effectively with Analog PAK and the GreenPAK Designer tool.

- Differential Current Sense Amplifier;

- Wheatstone Bridge Sensor Analog Front End;

- Tunable Low Pass Filters;

- Over Temperature Protection;

- Programmable Gain Amplifier.

What is Analog PAK? Analog PAK (SLG47004V) combines the traditional flexibility of our configurable mixed-signal GreenPAK solution with three Op Amps, two 1024-position digital rheostats, two analog switches and an analog temperature sensor into a 3x3mm STQFN package. It features multiple-time programmable memory that allows the user to program the SLG47004V in-system using I2C.

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