Message from CFO

Over the past two years, Dialog has proved its intention to making a positive and sustainable contribution in everything we do.

Last year we published our first annual sustainability report, our statement of commitment about our role in society and doing business responsibly. Within our second report, I am pleased to be able to show our continued progress towards this aim, and to renew our commitment.

I am proud of what we achieved during the year. We set some ambitious targets for 2013 and in some areas we have even exceeded these. Some of the biggest impact has been around making a positive contribution to our local communities and developing long-term partnerships with universities and schools in order to create a sustainable talent pipeline of innovative individuals for the future.

Our activities put Dialog firmly on the sustainability map as a leader in innovation and responsible behaviour, enabling us to deliver long-term sustainable profitable growth.

Jean-Michel Richard
Chief Financial Officer

Jean-Michel Richard

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