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Bringing cost effective, premium multi-touch to the mainstream

Sensor and technology development, including our Multi-Touch capability, broadens our offering to smartphones, notebooks and IoT applications.

  • Our Smartwave™ multi-touch IC is designed to support FlatFrog’s Planar Scatter Detection Touch system to multi-touch to a wide range of mainstream applications.

Just add sensors!

Our Bluetooth Smart SmartBond DA14680 includes everything you need to create context-aware, multi-sensor wearables. Just add the relevant sensors for your specific application.

Processing power on demand: The DA14680 delivers outstanding application processor performance – up to an impressive 84 DMIPS.

The lowest power consumption: Hhardware designed to save you power, including the 30 μA / MHz ARM Cortex-M0 application processor, integrated sensor hub functionality and hardware crypto engine.

Maximum security: The dedicated hardware encryption engine includes support for hashing functions, symmetric and asymmetric cryptography algorithms, and a true random number generator.

Flexible memory: For maximum design freedom, the DA14680 can execute code from Flash or one-time programmable (OTP) memory.

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