DA9035: Integrated 24-bit audio processor, touch screen controller, LED and vibrator driver, and system-level power management for Marvell-based cellular platforms

Dialog Semiconductor’s DA9035 is a combined Audio and Power Management solution for use in the Marvell WCDMA platform.

Connecting directly to the battery the DA9035 provides stable, low noise supplies for all core circuits within the phone, with additional regulators for enhanced application capabilities such as Bluetooth modules™, camera modules, and SD memory cards. All supplies are fed using high performance low drop out( LDO) voltage regulators using Dialog’s patented Smart Mirror ™ technology, offering very low quiescent current consumption and high power supply rejection performance. Smart Mirror ™ regulators remove the need for a low power mode, simplifying power control in the phone.

Two high efficiency DC-DC buck converters provide high current, low voltage supplies to the baseband core and applications processor core. Synchronous and asynchronous modes are supported to ensure a high operating efficiency over a wide range of current demands. Both converters support Dynamic Voltage Management( DVM) with programmable voltage and Slew rate control. A third DC-DC converter supplies external low voltage memory.

In addition to controlling the supplies within the phone the DA9035 also includes a multimode battery charger suitable for Lithium chemistry battery packs. The charger is fully programmable and uses dual loop monitoring and control for rapid and safe operation. It includes automatic charger detection and battery pack temperature monitoring.

Complimenting the power management functionality is a full audio subsystem containing a voice codec and HiFi stereo DAC. The voice codec supports 8, 16 and 32 KHz sampling and can take inputs from a wide range of sources including 2 integrated microphone paths. The 24 bit HiFi DAC is suitable for playback of multimedia sources such as MP3 or WMA files. A flexible output switching matrix enables any signal source to be output via either headphones, earpiece or high power hands free drivers.

Ancillary functions include programmable White LED and general purpose LED drivers, vibrator driver and support for USB interfacing VBUS generation monitoring and control. Also included is full time battery supervision with over and under voltage protection.


Voltage regulator section highlights
  • Small external 1µF decoupling capacitors for low cost and PCB area
  • High power supply rejection, typically 80dB @ 217Hz
  • Dynamic biasing for high efficiency and low quiescent consumption
  • Over current and thermal protected outputs
Lithium battery charger section highlights
  • Autonomous operation for precharge function
  • Fast linear (CV/CC) and pulse charging
  • Set and forget operation or manual control
  • Supports charging currents up to 1.4A
Audio section highlights
  • Voice Codec with programmable filtering and 8/16/ 32KH3 sampling
  • 24 bit DAC supporting 8 to 48KHz sample rates
  • Low noise input and output multiplexers
  • Low distortion 50mW 16Ω headphone drivers.
Other features
  • Programmable white LED drivers with boost converter
  • Programmable standard LED and vibrator driver
  • USB VBUS generator and bus monitoring
  • 196BGA 881mm, 0.5mm pitch

Key Features
  • Supports Marvell® cellular solutions
  • Complete power management and audio solution on one IC
  • Connects directly to the battery, includes multimode battery charger( Single cell Lithium)

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Key functions
  • 15 high performance low dropout programmable regulators
  • 3 High efficiency DC-DC buck converters, 2 with DVM
  • Boost converters for white LED driver and USB interface
  • Serial white LED, general purpose LED and vibrator drivers
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Voice Codec with 8/16/32Klts sampling
  • 24 bit HiFi Stereo DAC
  • 500mW hands free driver
  • 50mW headphone drivers

  • W-CDMA telephones