DA6011: Highly integrated power and clock supply IC for new generation Intel Atom processor

The DA6011 is a highly integrated flexible system on chip solution for the Intel® E6xx (Tunnel Creek). It is the industry’s first single chip solution to provide all power and clock supplies as well as system management control. It is designed to support E6xx platforms including the IO-hubs.

Integrated power management

Dialog Semiconductor’s new DA6011 uses a single supply voltage and provides low noise supplies to all CPU and IO-Hub voltage domains with current management for the system DDR2 and boot SPI flash memory.

The DA6011 integrates 11 high performance low dropout (LDO) voltage regulators, which use Dialog’s patented Smart Mirror™ technology for very low quiescent current, and includes 3 pass devices for platform power distribution simplification.

Six DC-DC buck converters (three with external FETs and three with integrated FETs) provide current to the E6xx platform’s multiple low voltage domains.

These highly efficient buck converters supply the CPU and graphics core and meet Intel IMVP-6 specification. Furthermore, they power the system memories, the IO-hub and further high current loads of the platform.

The power domain architecture has been carefully optimised to deliver enhanced power efficiency to the platform at the lowest power dissipation, thereby maximising battery life and reducing thermal impact. The architecture also takes several IO-hubs with its different power requirements into account.

System Management Controller

The integrated system management controller takes care of the complete platform start-up, state-transitioning and power-down procedures. It operates autonomously and reduces the overall system power consumption when entering stand-by or power down modes.

The flexible state-machine implementation is designed to control E6xx platforms including the Intel Topcliff, OKI Semiconductor ML7223 / ML7213 and ST Microelectronics ConneXt STA2X11 IO-hubs.

Auxiliary function

An analog to digital converter (ADC) with 10bit resolution combined with an input multiplexer and track and hold circuitry will be implemented. Two inputs can be used to measure signals manually or automatically.

Operating conditions

Designed with AEC-Q100 specifications in mind, the DA6011 operates between -40 and +85oC to meet industrial and automotive temperature ranges. The die temperature and the output currents of each source will be monitored to ensure proper and safe operation.

  • Power supplies & power management for Intel® Tunnel Creek processor plus IO-hubs
  • Supports Intel Topcliff, ST Microelectronics ConneXt STA2X11, OKI Semiconductor ML7223 and ML7213 IO-Hubs
  • Programmable clock supplies dedicated to E6xx platforms with IO-Hubs
  • Flexible, hardcoded SMC programmable via OTP
  • Automotive temperature range, meeting AEC-Q100 specifications

  • 6 high efficient DC-DC buck converter
  • 2 IMVP-6 compatible buck converters for Intel E6xx processor
  • 11 high performance LDOs, which use Dialog’s patented Smart Mirror™ technology
  • 3 integrated pass devices for fully featured system with lowest possible BOM
  • A push-pull reference source/sink for DDR2 RAM termination
  • Autonomous, flexible state machine for complete system start-up and shut-down procedure
  • 4 fractional divider PLLs including spread spectrum capability, designed for Intel E6xx platforms
  • 2 input 10-bit ADC for signal measurements

  • Vehicle command systems
  • Telematic devices
  • Car navigation systems
  • Mobile internet devices
  • High End PNDs
  • Netbooks
  • Nettops
  • Multimedia phones

  • 169 VFBGA 11x11mm
  • 0.8mm pitch