Flickerless™, Non-Dimmable 45W Solid State Lighting LED Driver with High PF (> 0.95), Low THD (<10%) and Low Output Ripple (<5%) (Two-Stage)

Non-dimmable LED driver for 45W commercial SSL lighting

The iW3623 is a high performance, two-stage, non-dimmable 45W SSL LED driver that integrates boost and flyback converters into a single IC to reduce BOM cost and simplify design versus conventional two-stage driver approaches. Compliant to the IEC61000-3-2 standard, the iW3623 offers Power Factor (PF) >0.95 from a universal input voltage of 100VAC to 277VAC, with total harmonic distortion (THD) <10% and low output ripple <5% over the entire range.

The iW3623 incorporates Dialog’s proprietary PrimAccurate™ primary-side control technology, eliminating the need for a secondary-side regulator and optical feedback isolator. It also allows FETs to be replaced with lower cost BJTs and uses quasi-resonant mode switching for both the boost and flyback stages and dynamic base current to optimize conversion efficiency and minimize EMI.

Protection features include an on-board, external NTC-based temperature protection circuit that reduces the output drive to the LEDs to protect the circuit from overheating while maintaining light output. For more information on the over-temperature protection derating feature, click here.


  • High PF (>0.95) and Low THD (< 10%)
  • Low Output Ripple Current (<5%)
  • PrimAccurate™ - Isolated Off-Line AC/DC Controller
  • 45W LED Driver for Non-Dimmable Commercial Solid-State Lighting Applications
  • Flickerless™ Technology
    • Removes Virtually All LED Flicker
  • Resonant Mode for Optimal Efficiency


  • Fully Protected
    • NTC-based Temperature Derating Circuit
    • Over-Voltage/Over-Temperature Protection
    • Output Over-Voltage, Over-Current and Short Circuit
    • Open LED Fault Detection
    • Sense-Resistor Short Circuit Protection
    • Single-Fault Protection


  • Non-Dimmable LED Lamps and Luminaires
  • Optimized for up to 45W Output Power

Block diagrams

Typical Applications Diagram
Functional Block Diagram


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