Day-to-day wearables

Wearable electronics is entering every facet of our daily life, giving us new ways to improve our lives: from productivity to health and lifestyle. Revealing previously unattainable information about ourselves and our surroundings, they help advise us, inspire us, cure us.

Exciting at home and away

Wearable devices continue to get more exciting and more versatile, offering greater functionality in compact, aesthetically pleasing systems. Context awareness and extra sensors deliver data that is increasingly relevant yet diverse. New applications are being discovered, often blurring the boundaries between different domains, such as consumer, medical and smart buildings and homes, making data security and user privacy more crucial than ever. Fitting all this into extremely constrained power budgets and form factors is a big challenge.

Our wearables solutions

Our SmartBond™ solutions help wearable devices deliver a new sense of freedom. They let you create the most compact, power-friendly and flexible products. As the first Bluetooth® low energy single-chip solutions for wearables, our DA1468x family offers the processing power and strong data encryption needed for enhanced analysis and secure data delivery in next-generation devices. Meanwhile the DA14580 and DA14583 fit entry-level and coin-cell powered applications. Each solution is designed for minimal system size and optimal power usage. Moreover, our SmartSnippets™ software supports high data rates and multiple connections, opening the door to advanced multi-sensor, multi-domain systems.


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