Remote control

Remote control


Point, talk or wave

The rise of smart, internet-enabled TVs and set-top boxes means people are demanding more from their remote control units (RCUs). Bluetooth® low energy technology allows convenient two-way communication between the remote and television without having to point at the screen. Meanwhile, technological advances and customer preferences are seeing voice commands and gesture recognition more common. But consumers still want a unit that fits nicely in the hand and doesn’t need new batteries every few days.

Our RCU solutions

Whatever features your RCU design offers, you’ll find the right Bluetooth low energy solution in our SmartBond™ family. For mature basic and gesture-control RCUs, the DA14580 enables the lowest system cost while the DA14583 includes on-board Flash to support over-the-air upgrades in the field. Alternative, the DA14582 is optimized for voice command and combined voice / gesture-controlled applications.

In all cases, you can be sure of the lowest power consumption for world-leading battery lifetime – in excess of three years. High levels of integration mean a lower bill of materials. Moreover, all SmartBond devices offer the ability to directly drive an infrared LED for IR-Bluetooth combo remote controls.


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