Dialog's short range wireless technology can be found at the heart of many of today's wireless applications.  From crystal clear cordless telephony through to highly responsive gaming controllers and home automation. For further information select the individual application areas below.

  • Headsets and audio
    Headsets and audio

Typical headsets and audio application

Cordless headsets are used in many offices and call centre environments, where people can effectively be on the phone all day. Rather than having to hold a handset for more than six hours per day it is more convenient to wear a headset. Using Dialog Semiconductor's DECT technology provides the optimum solution for cordless implementations with high quality sound, long range and no interference.

Specifically in call centre environments, often a large number of people are using headsets in a relatively small area. To improve the density, advanced power control can be utilised for dynamical adjustment of the transmission power to the most optimal level, while maintaining an in-house range of up to 100 meters. The power management options of our chipsets also have proven talk times of more than fifteen hours.

And if we are talking about wireless audio: this brings users a new level of freedom - whether they're listening to music, making business calls or just need to hear clearly. But to do that wireless audio solutions need to deliver crystal-clear sound and long battery lifetimes from small, attractive products.

Designed for cordless telephony, DECT wireless networking technology comes with outstanding sound and voice quality built in. Build on this we have extended the voice quality to HiFi audio solutions which benefit from the robust DECT air interface. As a leading supplier of DECT solutions, we help you bring that sound quality to any wireless audio application from cordless headsets to public address systems. We offer a range of IC and single-chip solutions that deliver the DSP performance you need for audio enhancements like noise cancellation. Yet their power consumption is low enough for your system to run on compact lithium-ion batteries. You can choose from a selection of space-saving packages such as Ball-Grid Arrays (BGAs).

For the ultimate combination of easy design-in and outstanding performance, try one of our cordless voice or wireless audio modules. These drop-in solutions contain all the hardware and software you need. Cordless voice modules are ideal for general use, while wireless audio modules are tailored for specific applications.