Power Management and Efficiency

Power Management and Efficiency


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At the center of the mobile computing revolution

Our core power management IC technologies minimize the number of components required within a broad range of consumer electronic products and the energy they consume.

Highest Power Efficiency

Dialog replaces multiple discrete power management components with one highly integrated device, enabling our customers to produce lighter and thinner portable applications with higher power efficiency resulting in longer battery life. 

These single chip solutions reduce energy usage and provide a simple, yet flexible, design at a lower cost. Typical usage tests show our Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) are able to decrease the power consumption of a portable device by up to 30%.

Reduce Energy Consumption

High efficiency AC/DC power converter and LED drivers are designed to cost-effectively reduce energy consumption by maximizing power conversion efficienty with digital technology that uses fewer components.

This leads to lower consumption of fossil fuels, less energy spent manufacturing uneeded components and lower total system cost for our cutomers.

Energy-Efficient Connectivity

Our Bluetooth® Smart SmartBond™ connectivity solutions enable 30 days of battery life for IoT and wearable devices from a single charge. This is more than double the battery life of its closest competitor, creating one of the most energy-efficient connectivity solutions available to consumers today.

Bluetooth® Smart is a part of the Bluetooth® standard that address peripheral and accessory applications with lower power and lower connection times than classic Bluetooth®.