Reduce, recycle, redesign

Dialog’s environmentally responsible approach to business underpins everything that we do. We aim to minimize our use of natural resources and reduce and eliminate all types of waste.


Dialog offers a range of green IT solutions that minimise the number of components required within consumer electronic products, the energy they consume, and extend to their overall lifespan to reduce waste.


Dialog is working to systematically reduce CO2 emissions and minimize the carbon footprint of our business, focusing on the impact of our design centers. The Carbon Disclosure Project recognised Dialog as one of ten successful companies achieving the “Scope-2- Indirect CO2 Emission Reduction”, with a reduction of emissions of 39.8% in our design centers in 2013.


We have also implemented a rigorous recycling of precious metals, such as gold and silver, from waste and damaged products. Dialog has developed a programme to actively monitor the environmental impact of its design and testing facilities, and all major suppliers.