SmartBond Development Tools

Development Tools

Hardware and Software Development Kits

Our SmartBond products are supported by development kits and a profiling to help you create applications that exploit the unique benefits of the SmartBond family to the fullest. These tools help you minimize your time to market.

Overview of available hardware development kits:

Kit Details Set-up Single board Motherboard + daughterboard
Functionality Software development Power profiler + Software development
Flash Support Flash on board Flash on motherboard
Products Covered DA14580 DA14580 - Basic DA14580 – Pro
DA14581 DA14581 - Basic DA14581 - Pro
DA14583 DA14583 - Basic DA14583 - Pro
DA14680 DA14681 – Basic DA14681 - Pro
DA14681 DA14681 – Basic DA14681 - Pro

Software Development Kit

Our Bluetooth low energy solution comes complete with Dialog’s SmartSnippets™ Bluetooth software platform which includes a qualified Bluetooth low energy software stack on chip. Numerous Bluetooth low energy SIG-qualified profiles for consumer wellness, sport, fitness, security and proximity applications are supplied as standard, while you can easily develop and add your own custom profiles as needed.


Bluetooth® low energy is the ideal communications option for a wide variety of applications. It is widely supported, enables long battery lifetimes and offers virtually instantaneous connections.

Smartbond Partners

We are proud to parent with leading suppliers that have developed module sub-assemblies using SmartBond devices. Modules can provide a fast solution to a wide range of Bluetooth low energy developments.


Access the latest design and detailed technical information, download reference designs and software tools, chat with us in our interactive discussion forum or purchase our Bluetooth® low energy products now using the links below.

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