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Audio Codecs

Audio Codecs

Full-range, high fidelity audio

Our audio technology allows the capture of speech and audio with high quality and low power consumption while at the other end of the audio channel enables speaker playback at maximum volume and power efficiency while extending battery usage time.

Improving customer access to voice recognition functionality

We offer a range of low power, Hi-Fi audio CODECs and Class Ds with different features and in different packages suitable for a variety of low power, digital portable audio products. CODECs are designed to offer different levels of dynamic range and improve the power consumption for the record and playback paths by optimizing the always ON mode and utilizing efficient charge pump technologies.


Description applications


Ultra Low Power Stereo CODEC
Portable Media Players I Multimedia Handsets I Personal Navigation Devices
Ultra Low Power Stereo CODEC
Portable Media Players  I Personal Navigation Devices
Ultra Low Power Stereo CODEC with 650µW Always-On Mode
Portable Media players I Headphones I Headsets I Embedded Applications  I Wearables I
Arduino Compatible Development Systems
Ultra low power stereo codec with differential headphone driver
Headsets | Hearables | Headphones
Ultra low power stereo codec with single ended headphone driver
Headsets | Headphones | Portable Media Players | Audio Accessories
DA7219 Audio codec with Advanced Accessory Detect Headphone accessories | Tablets and eBooks | Gaming controllers | Remote controllers | Portable audio applications | Chromebooks



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