• 1981 Dialog originates from IMP
  • 1986 IMP Europe founded
  • 1990 Dialog Semiconductor formed
  • 1992
    Becomes part of
  • 1998
    LBO from
  • 1999IPO Frankfurt
  • 2005
    New management team;
    focus on consumer markets
  • 2006
    Launch of new products
    optimised for portable devices
  • Return to full
    year profitability

  • Acquisition of SiTel
  • 2012
    Dialog pioneers integration
    of ARM processor in power
    management ICs for next
    generation smartphones
  • 2013
    Dialog acquires iWatt

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Dialog Semiconductor originates from the European operations of International Microelectronic Products (IMP), Inc.


1986 IMP Europe founded: Dialog Semiconductor's roots are firmly established in design of complex analog and digital circuits. We originated from the European activities of a US semiconductor company, International Microelectronic Products, Inc. (IMP), who itself was originally founded 1981 in Silicon Valley, specialising in mixed signal CMOS semiconductor technology.


1990 Dialog Semiconductor formed: After being acquired by Daimler Benz AG and becoming part of its subsidiary Temic Telefunken Microelectronic, Dialog Semiconductor Plc. was created as a result of a subsequent management buy out financed by Apax Partners, Adtran and Ericsson.


Becomes part of Temic-Telefunken.


LBO from Temic-Telefunken.


1999 IPO Frankfurt: In 1999 Dialog Semiconductor made an initial public offering on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and in 2000 listed on NASDAQ.


2005 New management; beginning of company re-focus: Under a new management team, Dialog Semiconductor increased its focus on consumer markets. There was a divestment of our Imaging business and a shift to full outsourced manufacturing model.


Launched first integrated power management and stereo audio IC for mobile application processors.


Return to full year profitability: Dialog Semiconductor sees a return to full year profitability with success in Portable Media and 3G/HSDPA products. This was also the year Dialog Semiconductor entered the fast growing Smartphone markets which would eventually lead us into Tablet PCs.


Acquisition of SiTel Semiconductor: With the Acquisition of Sitel in early 2011, Dialog Semiconductor became an established supplier of wireless technology providing standard DECT, VoIP and proprietary low power short-range wireless technologies.


Dialog pioneers integration of ARM processor in power management ICs for next generation smartphones.


Dialog acquires iWatt, a leading provider of digital power management integrated circuits (ICs) for markets such as AC/DC power conversion and LED Solid State Lighting (SSL).